Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I create a plan?

A plan can be created by tapping on the Make A Plan button on the Gathr home screen or tapping the Make a plan button within a chat.

SuperSpeed is your key to making events. The simple text box allows you to enter the details of your event in mind, even if your idea still needs some planning. Some examples include:

  • Shopping [What] with Tarun [Who] at The Domain [Where]
  • Team Meeting [What] with LCRA [Who (circle)] at 5pm [When]
  • Watch Batman [What] at Alamo Drafthouse [Where]
  • Rehearsal [What] with The JazzaGals [Who (circle)]
  • Park day! [What]
  • board game night [What] tonight [When]

After entering your event idea into SuperSpeed, the next screen will present you with the details of the event. Blank details not covered by your sentence can be filled out now or at a later time.

Once you are satisfied with your plan’s details, click create and a plan will be created along with a chat that automatically includes the participants. Plans with empty details will be placed in your workshop.

What is SuperSpeed?

SuperSpeed is the foundation to creating plans with Gathr. It allows for plans to be planned with the simplicity of writing a text.

Behind SuperSpeed is FlashParse, an advanced artificial intelligence system that pulls out the plans out of simple ideas. It is able to read the text entered and put the plan details in a way that is easily understandable and shareable.

Can I add people to a plan even if they are not on Gathr?

Yes! Gathr makes it easy to include anyone into a plan, regardless if a user has ever even heard of Gathr.

To add someone without a Gathr account, simply add the phone number of the person you wish to invite to the plan.

The Phone Only User will receive an SMS text with all of the plan details. They can also respond to let the host know that they can or can’t go.

If a Phone Only User eventually makes an account, they will be able to access the plans that they were invited to in the past.

Any friend requests sent to a Phone Only User will also show up in their app when they sign in for the first time.

Can I share a plan outside of Gathr?

Yes! You can share a link to a Gathr plan anywhere you can paste a link. You also have the option of generating a QR code in which other users can scan.

Just tap the Share button in the details page of a plan or circle.

How do I set the “where” for a virtual plan?

Virtual plans take place online so a link to an online meeting room would be appropriate.

To change a plan to virtual, under the location pane of a plan's details, tap on the switch to activate virtual.

Once Virtual is toggled, you will get the option to paste a meeting link (Zoom, FaceTime, etc.) or autogenerate a unique meeting link for the plan using Google Meet.

Members of the plan will now be able to easily tap the link to join the event.